Best Bluetooth trackers of 2023: AirTag and alternatives

Features: Real-time tracking | Compact design allows clipping on belt, collar, or backpack | Always-on connectivity 

Besides locating keys and wallets, Bluetooth trackers make for handy-dandy gadgets to keep your child or pet under surveillance. If you’re able to spend a little more for added safety and security features, look to the Jiobit Smart Tag. The Jiobit can be clipped onto a belt, collar, or backpack, and provides always-on connectivity and real-time location tracking.

This is all done via Jiobit’s dedicated cloud subscription, which does require a monthly fee. At the basic level ($8.99 a month), you’ll gain access to the standard, real-time tracking features. But by paying more — especially for the Protect plan ($14.99 a month for the no-contract option), Jiobit gives you access to location histories, phone alerts, and unlimited location-sharing with other users.

Protect plan users can also take advantage of the tracker’s built-in emergency button. When pressed, your phone will receive a ping and be given the option to call 911.


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