Belgium launches website for checking personal data of citizens

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Belgium launches website for checking personal data of citizens

Residents of Belgium can now read for themselves which personal data the government has about them. They can also see what is being done with their personal data via the website ‘ mydata. ‘. The website was presented on Thursday by State Secretary for the Protection of Privacy, Mathieu Michel.

The site should be an important instrument to increase trust between the government and citizens. It should also provide citizens with more control over their personal data. This can be read on

Via the MyData website, a Belgian resident gains insight into the information and personal data that the government keeps about him or her. Think of what the Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport does with the data that you have to provide with a number plate application. You can even see what happens with the data you provide when you book a tour in a federal museum, for example.

Big MyData project

The website is the first step in a larger whole. State Secretary Michel: “MyData is the largest transparency project ever carried out by the federal government. This first phase consists of a transparency tool with which every government institution can communicate in a legible and accurate way how it uses personal data.”

The whole project consists of four phases:

The launch of the mydata.belgium website to increase transparency. Provide an overview of existing government sources. It must also be clear which data is collected for this purpose, by whom and for what reason. Citizens gain insight into

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