BazarLoader Adds Compromised Installers, ISO to Arrival and Delivery Vectors

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The number of arrival mechanism variations used in BazarLoader campaigns continue to increase as threat actors diversify their attack patterns to evade detection. However, both techniques are noteworthy and still work despite their lack of novelty due to singular detection technologies’ limitations. For instance, while the use of compromised installers has been observed with other malware, the large file size can still challenge detection solutions — such as sandboxes — which may implement file size limits. On the other hand, LNK files serving as shortcuts will also likely be obfuscated for the additional layers created between the shortcut and the malicious files itself.

In addition, the deployment of BazarLoader malware for initial access is a known technique for modern ransomware such as Conti and Ryuk as service affiliates. Aside from these known ransomware families including more tools for entry into their arsenal, other malware groups and ransomware operators may pick up on the additional means, if they

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