Bandai Namco Target of Cyber ​​Attack

Bandai Namco admits that a hacker group has digitally attacked the company. The cyber attack may have stolen private data from customers. The game publisher says it is investigating the matter.

The game company confirms this to BleepingComputer .

Bandai Namco is an attractive target for hackers

Bandai Namco is a Japanese computer game publisher. Games like Dark Souls, Tekken, Soulcalibur, Pac-Man and Elden Ring have the company in its portfolio. In 2020, it had a worldwide turnover of more than 1.7 billion euros. This makes it an attractive target for hackers. And that is exactly what is happening now.

Last Monday, BleepingComputer discovered that Bandai Namco was mentioned on BlackCat ‘s leak site. The companies on this list have been infiltrated by hackers. They have stolen confidential or personal information from the company, employees or customers and threaten to disclose it. Unless the victim pays ransom. Parties on the leak site have not (yet) done so.

The American tech site decided to get a story from Bandai Namco. In a press statement (PDF), the publisher confirms that the internal systems of affiliates in Asia were attacked by hackers on Sunday, July 3.

Bandai Namco takes action and apologizes

“After confirming the unauthorized access, we took measures such as blocking access to the servers to prevent the damage from spreading,” the company wrote. Customer data may have been stolen during the attack, although the publisher cannot say exactly what data is involved.

Bandai Namco says it is taking the matter seriously and is busy assessing the extent of the damage. “We will

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