Baffle’s Data Privacy Cloud Protects Data for Amazon Redshift Customers

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Baffle, the startup that wants to
make data breaches “irrelevant,” announced its latest data security
offering for Amazon Redshift customers: Data Privacy Cloud.

Baffle aims to prevent data breaches in public and private
clouds by encrypting data wherever it may be. Most data protection schemes
encrypt data while in transit or at rest in storage, but not while it is in
use. In many cases, the data gets decrypted before the application can use it —
which is why many attacks target the application. Baffle’s goal is to keep the
data encrypted while it’s being processed by databases and application. This
way the data is still unavailable and unusable even if the attackers breach the
database or application.

Baffle’s data protection portfolio — which supports
tokenization, masking, and encryption — provides end-to-end protection of the
modern data pipeline. Baffle is cloud-native for Snowflake, Amazon Web
Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Platform, and IBM Cloud, and offers
seamless integration with Amazon Redshift, AWS Database Migration Services, AWS
Glue, and AWS Simple Storage Service (S3).

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