AT&T Says It’s Investigating Claims About a Data Breach

AT&T, the American telecommunications giant, has confirmed to Restore Privacy that it is investigating claims about a data breach impacting its customers.

This is in response to a January 6 post on the hacking forum Breached, where a user claimed to hold an AT&T database containing the information of 37,000,000 subscribers.

The threat actor published a hefty sample of five million lines, including the subscribers’ names, ZIP codes, email addresses, phone numbers, device details, contract details, and more.

Sample of the leaked data

The seller of the alleged AT&T database is willing to discuss offers of a five-digit sum of XMR (Monero), which is currently worth about $150. This means the asking price is at least $1,500,00.00

A threat actor with the email addresses, phone numbers, names, and the rest of the leaked information could perform phishing, social engineering, and scamming against the exposed individuals.

The seller of the data claims the set was stolen from AT&T during a network intrusion by a new group named ‘Endurance Ransomware,’ which has previously claimed breaches against a number of government and military organizations in the United States.

Seller’s post at Breached forums

Typically, samples of data stolen by Endurance end up on Breached, where they are put up for sale, so the group operates more as an extortion group. It’s unknown if Endurance performs file encryption, as none of their past attacks were associated with service outages on the claimed victims.

AT&T has not confirmed yet if the leaked

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