As much cybercrime now as in all of 2020

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In the first nine months of 2021, there were already as many cybercrime reports as in the whole of 2020. There is again a strong increase in the cybercrime figures, while cybercrime already increased strongly in 2020 due to corona measures.

Cybercrime continues to grow

Crimes such as friend-in-emergency fraud, phishing or hacks are increasingly being reported to the police. For example, in the first nine months of 2021, 10,623 cybercrimes were already registered with the police. In comparison: in the whole of 2020, there were 10,770.

In the first three quarters, 35.1% more reports of cybercrime were made than in the same period last year. Only in May 2020 were more reports of cybercrimes than in the same month of this year. In the other months, the increase was on average 62.7%.

Most cybercrime victims in North Holland and Drenthe

The number of reports increased the most in Gelderland, with the number of reports almost doubling compared to 2020 (+95.3%). Compared to 2019, the digital crime

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