Aruba to prioritize SASE, private 5G, data-center networking

Aruba Networks plans to prioritize development of a short list of key networking technologies – including data-center switching, private 5G, and secure access service edge (SASE) – that it finds are top of mind for enterprise customers.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s network subsidiary is fresh off a successful first quarter that saw revenue climb 31% year over year. Aruba general manager Phil Mottram attributes the record revenue in large part to the company’s Intelligent Edge strategy, which includes technologies to help customers adopt and manage network and application resources.

“We have an aggressive plan in place to grow data-center networking, and in particular, you’ll hear a lot about the CX 10000, where we are ramping up activities around that,” Mottram said. 

Available since early 2022, the CX 10000 is a top-of-rack, L2/3 data-center box with 3.6Tbps of switching capacity. One of the most intriguing aspects of the CX 10000 is that it includes an integrated programmable data processing unit (DPU) from Pensando, now part of AMD, that helps eliminate the need for separate appliances to handle low latency traffic, security and load balancing, for example.

The DPU can support software-defined cloud, compute, networking, storage and security services that run in combination with Aruba’s AOS-CX network operating system. That combination can provide wire-rate routing and switching with L4-L7 stateful software services including firewall, DDoS, encryption, network address translation, load balancing, network telemetry, and automation that can be applied to widely distributed workloads.

Aruba’s 5G plans include Athonet technology


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