Arlo will end support for these older cameras in April. Here’s what you need to know

An Arlo 3 device


Arlo Gen 3 and Arlo Pro wireless home security camera systems will stop being supported in April this year, meaning they’ll lose access to functions including free cloud storage, firmware updates and security patches. 

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Arlo, which makes a range of cameras and other security devices for connected smart homes and sold millions of devices has confirmed that support will end for the two products from April 1 2023 in an end-of-life policy effective as of January 1 which has been sent to users. 

The affected models are the Arlo VMC3030 Gen 3, which was first released in November 2014 and last shipped in January 2019, and the Arlo VMC4030 Pro, which was released in October 2016 and ceased production in December 2018. 

The end-of-life (EOL) policy details how Arlo hardware devices typically will stop receiving support just four years on from when the product was last manufactured at volume.  

For Arlo Gen 3 and Pro users, this means that cloud functions and services – including uploading, downloading, and storing of cloud recordings, will become reduced or entirely unavailable, effectively making the product obsolete for recording and storing security footage. Email notifications and E911 Emergency Calling will also no longer be supported from April 1 2023. 

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Once Arlo products become unsupported, the end-of-life policy states that

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