Are you Mentally Tough? Part 2

Mental Toughness is a Key Factor in Cyberattack Resilience.


In cyberwarfare, as in any conventional combat, the primary target is the mind of your adversary. The competitor having the mental strength and agility to break the will of their opponent is victorious. For this reason, strengthening the mental toughness of an organization, both as a whole and individually, must be a priority.

Mental toughness is an element of the human will that is inherently flawed. Even organizations with mature cybersecurity models can miss the importance of human nature or mistakenly see technology as a solution for human nature.

Many researchers have attributed mental toughness to be a significant influencing factor contributing to successful performance excellence, as well as a performance enhancer. While it can be influenced by external sources, to ultimately master the skill it must be taught. It takes years and a lot of experience to approach mastering mental toughness. The reality is no one will ever master mental toughness. It is not measured by the actions of the person, rather it is the reaction of the person or organization (i.e., resilience) which determines their mental toughness.

When we encounter stressful situations or are faced with any kind of adversity, the resultant outcome in terms of positive or negative emotional responses and the effects those responses have on our performance will be influenced by our ability to successfully manage internal and external demands. This refers to the ability to go beyond pure physical talent, skill and ability and

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