Apple and Google Propose Specification to Stop Bluetooth Tracking

Google and Apple have jointly submitted a proposed industry specification to prevent the misuse of Bluetooth location-tracking devices for unwanted tracking.

More specifically, the two tech firms want to make unwanted tracking leveraging Bluetooth trackers easily detectable to alert users they are being tracked.

Bluetooth trackers have become increasingly popular for helping users locate personal items such as keys, purses, and luggage. While these devices provide convenience and peace of mind, they also pose potential dangers to consumers. The technology can be misused for unwanted tracking, allowing malicious actors to monitor an individual’s movements, belongings, and habits. This can lead to privacy breaches, stalking, and other harmful situations.

Google and Apple have recognized the dangers associated with the misuse of Bluetooth trackers and have taken collaborative action to address this issue. The new specification proposal has been submitted to the portal of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), where experts in the field will review it over the next three months.

The proposal will then take its final form based on comments and recommendations. The two consumer tech giants will incorporate it into their respective mobile operating systems, iOS and Android, hopefully before the end of the year, generating unwanted tracking alerts to protect users. Already, companies with a stake in Bluetooth tracking products like Samsung, Tile, Chipolo, eufy Security, and Pebblebee have expressed their support for the draft specification.

Specification Details

The proposed specification includes various security considerations to address the risks associated with Bluetooth trackers. One key

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