AP does not have to investigate Google from the judge

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AP does not have to investigate Google from the judge

The Dutch Data Protection Authority is not required to investigate possible violations of European privacy legislation. The judge does not consider the investigation necessary, because the Irish regulator is examining the case. The Consumers’ Association says it is disappointed with the ruling.

The interest group writes this in a press statement.

Consumers’ association angry that Google secretly collected location data for years

To start this case, we have to go back to 2018. That year, the Consumers’ Association filed a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority about what Google does with location data. Location data can be linked to special personal data. For example, if Google finds that someone regularly visits the mosque, that says something about his religious conviction. The same goes if someone regularly goes to the gay bar, or can be found at the headquarters of a political party.

The Consumers’ Association also criticized the way in which the American tech company collects location data. In the settings menu of Android, the operating system of Google, you can indicate via the Location tab that you do not want to share data about your location with Google. However, it is not enough to end Google’s data collection practices. Users must also disable Web & App Activity elsewhere in the settings menu.

This was completely unclear to many in 2018. The Consumers’ Association, together with seven other consumer organisations, subsequently filed a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Irish regulator investigates privacy violations by Google


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