Another US VPN Loses in Court – Now Forced to Block Torrenting

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TorGuard, a US-based VPN provider, has been sued in court over copyright violations that occurred on its network. A similar court case shut down LiquidVPN in 2021, and also forced VPN Unlimited to block torrenting traffic earlier this year. For years we have warned that US-based VPN providers, and by proxy their users, are targets for copyright lawsuits and can be adversely affected.

Using a good VPN is critical when torrenting, wherever you happen to reside in the world. While torrenting is perfectly legal in most jurisdictions, it also comes with risk. For one, you need to be careful about what you torrent and whether the media is copyrighted. While we do not recommend breaking any laws, it is smart to always use a VPN when torrenting to be safe.

Unfortunately, not just any VPN will do when it comes to torrenting, and recent court cases prove why. This also illustrates a disturbing trend of increasing litigation against US VPN providers.

TorGuard was targeted by over two dozen different film studios seeking damages. They allege that the VPN enabled and encouraged piracy through its VPN infrastructure, policies, and marketing.

TorrentFreak was able to obtain the court documents to the case, which you can view here. In these documents, we see how TorGuard has agreed to block BitTorrent traffic on its servers in the United States.

This same group of filmmakers has also gone after Quadranet, a web hosting provider that also leased servers to TorGuard.


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