Another million fine for Clearview

Clearview AI is again fined millions. The Greek privacy watchdog is handing out a fine of 20 million euros to the American technology company for violating the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The company is no longer allowed to process the personal data of Greek citizens and must destroy data already collected.

That writes privacy organization Noyb, which, together with other privacy organizations, filed a series of charges against Clearview.

This is what you need to know about Clearview

Clearview AI is a company that sells facial recognition technology to law enforcement agencies worldwide. According to many privacy experts, the American company has the largest database of facial profiles in the world. It is said to contain over twenty billion images. The company aims to expand its face database to 100 billion faces within the next year. This makes it possible to identify almost every person on Earth.

Clearview uses scraping software to set up this database. This is a program that automatically visits public sources on the Internet and collects profile pictures with associated information. Then you should think of social media and personal websites. A proprietary facial recognition program then builds a facial recognition database.

Collecting images for biometric search engine is illegal

Noyb is not pleased with these practices. Together with Privacy International, Hermes Center and Homo Digitalis, the civil rights organization has filed complaints about alleged privacy violations with the national regulators of France, Austria, Italy, Greece and the United Kingdom.

The Greek Data Protection Authority has issued a ruling on the

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