Anonymous publishes 180 GB of data from a far-right hosting provider

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According to the hacktivists, the data makes it possible to track the leaders of the “fascist side of the Internet.”

Anonymous hacktivists reported the theft of nearly two hundred gigabytes of data from the Epik domain registrar. The company’s list of clients includes right-wing radical sites, including Texas GOP, Gab, Parler, 8chan, etc. The stolen data were published in the form of torrent files, and also posted on the Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDoSecrets) site.

The dataset, which totals 180GB, contains Epik customer data from the past ten years, Anonymous said. The hacktivists said the dataset contains “everything needed to track the real owners and leaders of the fascist side of the Internet.”

Epik is a domain registrar and service provider known for providing services to extreme right-wing organizations that have been abandoned by more popular service providers due to controversial and sometimes illegal content published by these organizations.

Among the stolen data are various SQL databases containing customer records associated with each domain name hosted by Epik.

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