Android Malware on Google Play with 2 Million Installs Steal Sensitive Data

More than two million Android users have been tricked into installing a set of malicious, phishing, and advertising apps via the Google Play store.

Dr. Web antivirus discovered that these apps were disguised as essential utilities and system optimizer tools. But, in reality, these apps are not utility tools, as they are malware disguised as legitimate apps as we hinted earlier.

The TubeBox app is exemplified by Dr. Web as one of the apps that have reached one million downloads in the Google Play Store in a short amount of time.

App in play store

However, at the moment this app has been removed from the Google Play Store. While there seemed to be a noticeable rise in the number of banking trojans and apps that permit users to be spied on.

Watching videos and ads on TubeBox provides users with the opportunity to earn money. But, when it came to redeeming the rewards collected by the user, it presented various errors, as if the system had failed to deliver on its promises.

Ads Displayed Other Adware Apps Detected

Here below we have mentioned the other adware apps that were detected by the antivirus company, Dr. Web:-

App name: Bluetooth device auto-connect Publisher: bt auto-connect group Downloads: 1,000,000 downloads App name: Bluetooth & Wi-Fi & USB driver Publisher: simple things for everyone) Downloads: 100,000 downloads App name: Volume, Music Equalizer Publisher: bt autoconnect group) Downloads: 50,000 downloads App name: Fast Cleaner

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