Analyzing Email Services Abused for Business Email Compromise Threats Analyst Threat Researcher Threats Analyst Sr. Threat Researcher

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The gradual increase throughout the year prompted us to pay attention to the campaigns being deployed, but the sudden increase in August caught our interest. Compared to campaigns from previous years in which BEC actors mostly impersonated executives or ranking management personnel, we observed a specific BEC campaign type spoofing general employees’ display names. We noticed a sudden upshot of dangerous emails impersonating and targeting ordinary employees for money transfers, bank payroll account changes, or various company-related information. We launched the “BEC Display Name Spoofing” detection solution for Trend Micro™ Cloud App Security in Q1 to address this issue. Following this, we also observed the highest volume of BEC detections in the Americas.

BEC is an online scheme dependent on leveraging email and its features of convenience for legitimate users, and we noted five major types of email channels that BEC actors use. As we continue monitoring BEC operations, we also learned

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