Amazon has Been Lobbying Hard Against Privacy Protections – Mostly with Success; Who’s Smiling Now?

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Recently, this blog explored the allegations by 17 US states that Google had abused its monopoly power to stifle competition, and delayed the EU’s ePrivacy legislation. Hard on its heels comes a major report from Reuters that Amazon has lobbied hard against data protection in the US, mostly with success. In a way, that’s not so surprising. As recent stories on Privacy News Online have detailed, the company that began as an online bookseller has expanded its product line to include a number of devices that pose a serious threat to users’ privacy. Chief among these are the Alexa “smart” speakers, the Ring home surveillance system, and the Halo wearable device. More recent moves include a drone for the home, and a domestic robot. An early memo cited by the Reuters article reveals that behind Amazon’s trademark smile lie some serious teeth:

A draft version asserted that “journalists and policymakers should respect Amazon as a force for good” because it improves customers’ lives and creates

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