Alma and Rocky Linux release 8.5 builds, Rocky catches up with secure boot>

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CentOS 8.5 is available – but with only 6 weeks before end of life. Luckily, AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux, both of which provide community builds of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), have released builds matching RHEL 8.5, with Rocky’s work catching up with Alma by being signed for secure boot.

Would-be CentOS replacements AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux track RHEL closely, and differ from CentOS Stream in that they aim to be binary compatible with RHEL, whereas CentOS Stream is upstream of Red Hat’s commercial distribution.

That said, CentOS 8.x remains on the old model, and CentOS 8.5 is also available for download, even though CentOS end of life (EOL) is December 31st 2021.

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