All You Need To Know About IT Security Audits and Its Importance>

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With the modern ways of storing and sharing information, businesses face multiple challenges in protecting their online assets. An institution’s sensitive information is at risk; thus it becomes important for them to conduct a thorough IT security audit.

An IT security audit shows an organization’s safety practices for protecting its Internet-facing assets from internal and external cyber threats. It observes and discovers loopholes in how data gets collected, handled, and distributed.

Every industry has some common cyber risks which can be identified via an audit. However, each business also faces unique security issues due to its size and the nature of the products and services it offers. This article will reveal what you need to know about IT security audits and their importance in establishing and maintaining a strong security posture.

Types Of Risks You Can Discover Through an IT Security Audit    Information Risk

Organizations should protect their customer’s data from theft, loss, and misuse. Penetration testing is one of the

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