All hands on deck: cyber-attackers have found their way into the maritime industry

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1. Introduction & Challenges

The maritime industry is crucial to the global supply chain as well as the success of the ongoing globalization of the world’s economy. A large share of global trade is seaborne. Waterways connect the factories of China with the consumers in the West and vice versa. They enable the trade of oil from the Middle East to refineries all over the world. Without shipping, trade would severely slow down or even come to a halt, impacting consumer prices, the global economy and global wealth immediately. The oceans are of great importance for militaries as well. International waters can’t be claimed as territory and are free for anyone to access by law. For navies, such as the US Navy, the oceans play a vital role in strategically dispersing their military forces around the world in order to maintain their hegemony and surveil adversaries that could cause instability. The oceans also reduce dependencies on military bases of other

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