Agriculture in the crosshairs of nation-state sponsored hackers (4/5)

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The Islamic Republic of Iran has great ambitions for its future. The regime is aiming for regional hegemony while constantly being threatened by archenemies Saudi Arabia and Israel. However, the country is severely restrained by international sanctions imposed due to Iran’s nuclear program. Also, the country is struggling with widespread corruption and bad management. To uphold the theocratic regime and deal with the many external threats to the country, Iran needs internal stability. Instability and domestic unrest would limit the regime’s ability to focus on external threats 1. One way to maintain stability is to provide food security for the people. In Iran, this is a rather difficult task. Outdated farming techniques, encroaching deserts, poor quality of seeds used and trading sanctions are all a risk for food security 2. Limited by sanctions, Iran has a hard time acquiring the technology and knowledge to modernize the agricultural sector and in doing so providing food security to its population.

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