Agriculture in the crosshairs of nation-state sponsored hackers (3/5)

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The Democratic Republic of China is well underway of becoming the global hegemon, challenging the United States who currently hold this position. To succeed in its catch-up, China has active policy in place to acquire foreign technology and know-how. The policy consists of a multifaced plan that is meant to perform an upgrade to China’s economy and overall power. Modernizing the agricultural industry is a vital part of the plan. Feeding 1.4 billion people is not an easy task, given the fact China has only a relatively low percentage of land fit for agriculture and is facing increasing desertification and deforestation, further reducing their amount of agriculture land. Western technology and knowledge would surely increase the resilience of the Chinese food system and the efficiency of their farming practices.

China has many partnerships, regulatory strategies and corporate practices in place to overcome the innovation gap between them and the global West. Although a lot of information is exchanged, Western states

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