African Bank Alerts of Data Breach With Personal Details Compromised

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South African retail bank African Bank has confirmed that one of its debt recovery partners, Debt-IN, was targeted by a ransomware attack in April 2021. 
Expert security advice determined at the time that there was no indication that the ransomware assault resulted in a data leak – nevertheless, Debt-IN is now aware of the fact that the personal information of some customers, including several African Bank Loan customers under debt review, has been breached. 
Debt-IN is certain that no data communicated after April 1, 2021, has been compromised, as per the bank. 
It stated, “A robust mitigation plan has been implemented by Debt-IN to contain and reduce any further adverse impact.”
“We have been collaborating with Debt-IN to address this breach. We have notified the relevant regulatory authorities and we are also in the process of alerting customers who have been affected, via email and SMS.” 
African Bank’s fraud prevention team has significantly enhanced security safeguards to protect all clients as an added precaution. 
“If you detect any suspicious activity, or

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