Admin access !!

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Admin access !!

Hellow folks! I hope you’re well! In this writeup I’ll tell you how I become low privilege user to an Admin. So without further delay let’s get started.

I was hunting on private program of Bugcrowd. That company was providing Cloud Security, Network Security, etc. (Related to Cyber Security). I started doing recon and I tested 2–3 domains and I found nothing. I moved on another subdomain. That subdomain was type of ecommerce. We can purchase Softwares and so on. I was testing on sign in page functionality. There was validation while creating an account.

JS Validation

So I typed and intercept request while click on submit button. I changed to and forwarded the request. And I logged In, there was no email verification too.

Then I started playing with Burp History. I got I send it to repeater click on go and got 401 Unauthorized. I checked other requests and I got that Authorization header is missing.

Something is missing…

I copied Authorization header with value(JWT). And I got

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