Add a new dimension to ransomware defenses

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Ransomware is a particularly heartless endeavor. Criminals have targeted schools, vital infrastructure, and even patient records at a psychiatric treatment facility. The US Department of Homeland Security recognizes it as a top threat, and security professionals put defensive ransomware strategies at the top of their to-do list. As it is for every other cybersecurity initiative, defense-in-depth is axiomatic for effective ransomware protection. Building content awareness is a simple and accessible way to add another layer to your anti-ransomware strategies.

Understandably, most defensive strategies start with measures that minimize footholds attackers can find within an organization’s IT environment. Checking inbound emails for ransomware payloads, giving users practical advice on internet “street smarts,” and monitoring the network for suspicious activity are essential elements of an effective anti-ransomware strategy. Emerging AI-based data governance solutions offer an additional weapon for the ransomware fight: situational awareness informed by deep insights into content.

Content awareness builds ransomware resiliency. To understand why, it’s helpful to put yourself in the shoes (or

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