Accelerate Revenue With These 5 Security Must-Haves

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This article recaps CEO Ray Kruck’s live workshop of the same name at SaaStr Annual 2021. 

Many executives see cybersecurity as a cost center—and understandably so. On average, it accounts for about 15% of your IT budget and it doesn’t really contribute to revenue, does it? It’s a little like insurance: You don’t really notice it until something goes wrong. 

Here’s the thing, though: Cybersecurity can significantly impact your top line. We’ve seen businesses 3X win rates all thanks to a solid security posture. And the good news is you don’t have to be an enterprise with a huge budget to kickstart your information security program. Startups can cheaply (and cheerfully) start benefiting from a solid security posture today simply by implementing the five security must-haves we’ve outlined below.

Being able to achieve ISO compliance with Tugboat unlocked $6,000,000 in pipeline revenue for us. That’s only just a few clients, but those were clients we literally could not have landed without the Tugboat platform.

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