A SOC 2 Report Example

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Have you seen a SOC 2 report example before? Well, now you can say that you have! 

Today, we’re going to break down a SOC 2 report example, so you know what to look out for when yours arrives. 

The sample report from the AICPA above contains all of the components of a Type 2 SOC 2 report but, believe it or not, it’s less wordy. I know that sounds like a sham, but they put in ellipses(…) where there should be more detail. Service organizations and service auditors may organize and present information in a variety of formats but this is a great snapshot of what to expect.

FYI, while this example report contains Trust Service Criteria (TSC) and Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM), most SOC 2 reports only contain TSC.  So that’s what we will be focusing on.

Take a deep breath. It’s totally normal to feel sweaty and anxious when 30-70 pages of acronyms, tables, charts, and complicated legalese arrive in tiny font

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