A number of defense companies have been hacked by hackers from China. Among them are the Pentagon contractors

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American cybersecurity experts believe that the hacker group “Emissary Panda” with ties to China is behind the hack.

Hackers have broken into 9 organizations in the defence, energy, health, technology and education sectors in the United States. Cybersecurity company Palo Alto Networks provided such data to CNN.

A hacker group from China is suspected of a cyberattack. Specialists of the American National Security Agency have recorded several attempts to steal data from defence contractors in the United States. Crackers stole passwords to gain long-term access to their networks, said Ryan Olson, senior executive officer of Palo Alto Networks. According to him, hackers are able to intercept confidential data in computer systems and when sending information by e-mail.

A report by Palo Alto Networks clarifies that at least 370 organizations in the United States are targeted by hackers using potentially vulnerable Zoho servers. Experts have named the suspected Chinese group of hackers “Emissary Panda”.

Any defence contractor who does business with the Pentagon may have contract details in their correspondence,

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