A New CISO Playbook

Chaim Mazal, CISO at Kandji, is the market leader in Apple device management and security where he oversees product engineering infrastructure, data and information security organizations. Kandji is an Apple device management platform that focuses on automation, orchestration and being able to enable it, as well as managing Apple endpoint devices to make up over half of an enterprise’s attack surface.

Before Kandji, Mazal build engineering first security programs at three of the highest valued multibillion dollar SaaS startups. According to Mazal, the job of a CISO is to ensure that there are controls and processes in place to help mitigate risk to the organization.

Mazal thinks as the market share continues to increase for Apple devices across the enterprise, he’s seeing a large increase in the level of malware, ransomware or overall attack playbooks that are written for this ecosystem.

Current global instability is up for anti-risk for all organizations. The question is whether or not we’re doing a good enough job and the answer seems obvious to Mazal.

Another big part of organizations is their cloud posture. Being able to look at your cloud base assets and being able to look at those data sets. And then being able to leverage that data against what you have going on your actual device data, your end user data. To be able to provide any additional insight to activity patterns are anomalous activity is something that is very much needed and demanded by most security

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