A Marketer’s Competition

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David Bruce is the global security lead for product marketing and the mainframe software division for Broadcom. Bruce has years of experience in the security trenches at both IBM and Broadcom. He’s one of the brightest and most insightful product marketing guys that we have worked with, having sold infrastructure technology early in his career. Bruce has what can be described today as an unusual mix of both sales and marketing experience from which to draw.

David Bruce is full of wisdom and gems of advice that every company in the cybersecurity marketing space can take advantage of. The human factor side of marketing is hugely important and has been consistently ignored during our progress as individual vendors and suppliers within this industry.

Bruce has been in and around the market for years and knows how today’s world is unprecedented in terms of noise levels and competition. There isn’t a market without some competition, but there’s insight as to why many of today’s marketing approaches aren’t quite cutting it.

Noise level is certainly one of the challenges. There’s an insane level of static out there on everything. So many marketers have taken the old catalogue model of just getting everything out the door, regardless of the audience that you know get so much stuff at home. It’s irrelevant to your job, to your desires, to your interests. That kind of a model that you’re getting through noise is a big problem.

In this episode of Cybersecurity Unplugged,

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