A Guide to Business Cybersecurity: Common Digital Attacks and Precautions

Businesses have increasingly been integrating technology within their workflows. In America, 94% of businesses use technology to increase efficiency.

Virtual tools allow them to complete tasks quickly, accurately, and with fewer resources. However, the processing and storage techniques employed are prone to cyberattacks that can corrupt a business’s electronic system, causing them to lose data, money, and reputation. For smooth and secure business operations, companies must implement cybersecurity solutions. 

Cybersecurity entails securing your data, networks, programs, and systems against external and internal attacks. Here is a guide to help you understand various cybersecurity attacks and the protective measures against them. 

Common Types of Cyberattacks Businesses Experience 

To protect your system against cyberattacks, you must understand what they are, how they originate, and the harm they can do. Here are some common cyberattacks businesses experience.

Password Guessing Attacks

A password guessing attack entails hackers continually trying to guess an organization’s usernames and passwords. The sample data they use comes from previous breaches and are successful when employees keep the same weak or default passwords for multiple logins and command servers to remember them. 

To avoid password guessing attackers, you must encourage employees to use unique and complex passwords with a mixture of letters and numbers. Advise them to type the password when logging into the company’s servers rather than having the system remember it. It’s also best to introduce a password-changing policy where everyone is required to reset their passwords after a set time period.

Organizations should also use password cracking,

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