A Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Guide for Leaders

Now more than ever, keeping your cyber risk in check is crucial. In the first half of 2022’s Cyber Risk Index, 85% of the survey’s 4,100 global respondents said it’s somewhat to very likely they will experience a cyber attack in the next 12 months. And 90% admitted they suffered at least one successful cyber attack in the past 12 months.

Avoiding a breach is not always possible—especially since business and cybersecurity objectives are rarely in sync—but you can still address challenges across your growing digital attack surface, enabling faster threat detection and response. The third highest risk from the CRI 2H’22 was an organization’s IT security objectives were not aligned with business objectives; a cybersecurity risk assessment can help you take proactive steps to reduce your cyber risk.

What is cybersecurity risk assessment?

Cybersecurity risk assessment provides a valuable analysis of your organization’s digital attack surface and cyber risk. By continually assessing, scoring, and prioritizing individual assets for an up-to-date view of your network, the assessment provides cybersecurity leaders with prioritized and actionable ways to limit the likelihood and impact of a successful attack.

Learning more about the key aspects of risk assessment will make clear why it’s such a valuable tool for CISOs and SOC teams looking to reduce their organization’s cyber risk.

Once, you could take a full index of your attack surface and easily identify areas of concern. That’s no longer possible in an age of digital transformation and cloud migration, when

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