A Cybersecurity Marketing Leader with Emotional Authenticity

Now is the time to spend on marketing to build emotional connections

It’s a challenging time for cybersecurity marketers. As recession fears loom, I’ve seen a multitude of announced layoffs and hiring slowdowns. Marketing departments at large cybersecurity vendors have been downsized and deprioritized. I consider these actions as errors in judgment.

 Now is the time to double down on marketing spend!

Why should you care about marketing now when all we hear on the news is impending doom and gloom? Because marketing is your most powerful revenue-generating business function. When a recession happens, buyers don’t disappear. Instead, they refocus their limited energy and attention on a smaller group of priorities that provide more meaningful emotional connections.

The world’s most innovative cybersecurity companies take advantage of this shift in buyer priorities to capture new market share from competitors who decide to hide in the shadows.

Effective leadership is critical when time is of the essence.  With the right CMO in place, your marketing organization can be positioned to thrive.

An Abundance of Emotional Authenticity

So, how’s your CMO doing? Can they build an emotional connection with your buyers that leads to revenue during a recession? You need a competent CMO who has real world experience leading marketing teams for a cybersecurity vendor during both boom-and-bust cycles, understands how buyers adapt their behavior to align with current events, can motivate their team to work at full capacity, have fun and produce high quality work.

There are a lot of people

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