8 Cybersecurity Threats to Prepare For in 2023

Keeping up with new cybersecurity threats is a major part of your business plan. As attackers and scammers get more imaginative, staying on top of the latest dangers can help you protect yourself, your organization, and its reputation. 

It’s important to know that there are attacks that go in and out of fashion for cybercriminals, so you need to know what’s “in vogue” this season to stay safe. Arm yourself with knowledge as you plan for 2023 with this list of the eight biggest cybersecurity threats to watch for in the new year.

1. Human Error

No matter how you slice it, humans are the biggest risk factor for IT security. In fact, 23% of all data breaches result from human error. No matter how much you lock down your infrastructure, an unsuspecting employee can put it all at risk. Scams like phishing, spoofing, and malicious links and attachments still trick many employees into opening the door to cybercriminals. 

To combat this, continue investing in IT security training in 2023. Explain why cybersecurity matters so employees will actually follow your protocols instead of trying to find ways around them. You’ll want more than annual, check-the-box training, though. Coach your team regularly on cybersecurity — you can even use phishing tests to keep your team on their toes. 

2. Attacks Against Critical Infrastructure

Bad actors want to go after bigger, more impressive targets, and nothing excites them more than taking an entire city offline. In 2023, expect to see more attacks on

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