68% of IT leaders are worried about API sprawl

Axway announced new data from its inaugural 2022 Open Everything Strategy Survey Report, which found that nearly 40% of organizations are in the process of adopting a new hybrid approach for their IT infrastructure. The transformation comes as 68% of respondents cite their fears about API sprawl.

Axway surveyed nearly 1,000 IT leaders, architects, and developers about their digital strategies and top concerns. The survey data reflects responses from those engaged primarily in API development (893) and managed file transfer (MFT) services (102).

Ensuring data security and controlling API sprawl were top concerns, with 68% worrying about complexity due to sprawl and 48% of respondents ranking “increased security challenges” as their single greatest concern with API growth. Respondents again cited security as far and away the most important criteria when creating an API (30% among API respondents) and when setting up a new MFT service (48% among MFT respondents).

“Enterprises are in the thick of digital transformation and accompanying cloud and data migrations have made it possible to free up data so it can be exchanged, reused and remixed to fuel innovation and business growth. But that’s messy,” said Vince Padua, Chief Innovation and Technology Officer at Axway.

“It brings complexity and security challenges that must be answered by using truly universal API management—that bridges the gap between API development and consumption and opens everything, lines of business and innovation, while building on and out from heritage infrastructure.”

The survey results indicate that budgets for API

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