5 Ways to Survive Scam Season — or Rather, Tax Season

The new year celebrations are behind us, and most of us have returned to our daily routines. This is as good a reminder as any that the spring scam season — or rather, tax season — is nearly here.

In all seriousness, the opening of the tax season most often brings with it a new crop of scams to defraud honest, hard-working people.

Of course, it is not just tax season that heralds scams. Nearly all big events, whether they are natural disasters, health crises, economic downturns, major sporting events, or otherwise, seem to bring with them their fair share of scams. Educating our end users as to the dangers of these scams and the potential for fraud losses is necessary but woefully insufficient.

But enterprises need to do even more to effectively combat scams. They need to protect their end users in ways that are not dependent on the end user themselves. Simply put, enterprises cannot rely solely on educating end users to reduce fraud losses.

Though there are undoubtedly numerous ways in which enterprises can combat scams, I’d like to discuss five techniques that enterprises can use to help avoid fraud losses resulting from scams.

1. Incorporating the User Layer

It may sound radical, but the first step to combatting scams is accepting that a certain percentage of them will succeed against end users. Only when enterprises embrace this idea can they begin to reduce fraud losses resulting from scams. If we assume that a

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