5 Ways AI Will Revolutionize Cybersecurity

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Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to change nearly every facet of online and offline life, from how we interact with friends and family to the way we do business and protect our identity online.

As more of our life becomes digital, AI will need to be leveraged by both individuals and companies to a far greater extent to ensure privacy and thwart cybercriminals. With that as our starting point, below are 5 ways that AI will and has already started to revolutionize cybersecurity. 

Machine Learning Improving Threat Detection 

Organizations must be able to identify a cyber-attack ahead of time in order to counter whatever the adversaries are seeking to accomplish. Machine learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that has shown to be incredibly beneficial in detecting cyber threats based on data analysis and recognizing a danger before it exploits a hole in your information systems.

One of the most promising things about artificial intelligence-based

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