5 Really Wrong Myths About US-Based VPNs [Digital Privacy]

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VPNs based in the United States frequently get unwarranted criticism, claiming that, by nature of them being based in the US, they are somehow “less secure” or “less private” than VPNs based in more “privacy-friendly” countries. Many of these claims are asserted with insufficient context and no factual evidence, often relying on broad technical assumptions, false equivalences, and headline-friendly conjecture – spinning up pervasive myths about US-based VPNs.

These myths are recycled by well-known online publications and foreign-based VPN companies, all of whom cite each other, never addressing the lack of accuracy in the others’ arguments. This feedback loop perpetuates a deeply flawed message about VPN companies based in the United States. 

As Private Internet Access is one of the oldest and most-used US-based VPNs, we hold a responsibility to provide honest, accurate, and historically contextualized facts that shed light on the realities of the global VPN market. In doing so, we’ll demonstrate that not only are US-based VPNs no worse off than VPNs based in other countries, but in many cases, US-based VPNs are actually more secure and private than their foreign counterparts. 

Myth #1: All This Sensationalist Reporting Exists for Good Reason 

At a time when US-based VPNs were capturing

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