4 Steps for Focusing on the Right Cyber Risks

With bad actors constantly testing new and creative ways to compromise our systems and make off with sensitive information and assets, cybersecurity risk management can feel like an uphill battle. These threats are coming at us from every angle, every day, at an increasingly faster clip — and risk leaders are expected to fend them off with fewer resources than ever.

Anticipating, preventing, and mitigating the most severe cybersecurity outcomes (Think: irreparable reputational damage from a breach that affects thousands of your customers) depends on your team’s ability to separate the signal from the noise and prioritize addressing your organization’s truly critical cyber risks.

Here are four steps for making sure you’re paying the right amount of attention to the right cyber risks.

1. Identify your cyber risks

You can’t start prioritizing your most pressing cybersecurity threats if you don’t know what your organization’s cyber risk landscape looks like. Unfortunately, most organizations face so many different risks that this is where things can quickly become overwhelming.

Using a cybersecurity risk management framework, like SOC2, NIST, or ISO 27005, is a great way to get a handle on things right from the outset. These frameworks are proven sets of standards, policies, and procedures for protecting your company’s systems and data from cybersecurity threats. They include methods for getting a full picture of where your organization’s vulnerabilities exist, so you can start to evaluate which need the most attention.

An added bonus of using and complying with one or more of these frameworks:

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