4 (Great) Reasons for Document Automation in GRC

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Given advances in technology and the possible savings of cloud infrastructures, it should be no surprise to you that the governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) industry is quickly moving away from costly manual processes to more automated systems, platforms, and solutions.

Despite these advantages, GRC professionals still heavily lean on physical documents and PDFs as a final stakeholder output. Meaning GRC documentation is a realm unto itself. Creating GRC documents is complex and time-consuming and can require tremendous amounts of copying and pasting between systems and source files. 

Throughout this manual process, there are several instances of when you should automate your overall approach and its final documentation—freeing you up to focus on other responsibilities. Our goal in this article is to walk you through these situations and highlight the benefits of document automation.

Any good GRC professional knows the first step is to assess, so let’s start off looking at the times when automating will help your company:

1. Wide usage of standardized templates

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