3 Tips to Make Cybersecurity Training Stick with Employees

October is best known for fall weather, spooky shenanigans, and the fun of Halloween, but it’s also a big month for cybersecurity. Since 2004, the U.S. government has recognized October as National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

While people may be thinking about scary movies and creepy crawlies right now, nothing is more horrifying to an organization than a cybersecurity attack. A single successful hack can have serious financial and reputational repercussions, both personally and professionally. That’s why Cybersecurity Awareness Month aims to raise understanding of cyber threats and encourages everyone to consider the quality of their security efforts. 

October is the perfect time to train employees on cybersecurity measures, but let’s be honest: security awareness training has long been a once-a-year, check-the-box training, which is often completed and forgotten. It’s vital that employees take cybersecurity awareness training seriously, but how do you convince them to listen? 

It’s time to make cybersecurity engaging and relatable to your employees. These three tips will help you create cybersecurity awareness training that your company’s employees will actually follow through on.

1. Make It Personal

When an employee clicks on a malicious link or attachment, the repercussions can be drastic for the organization, but beyond feeling bad, they might not feel as though it will directly affect them. 

While some employees might think it’s easy to tune out during training because they don’t think cybersecurity applies to them, the reality is that security awareness applies to everyone. Unless your employees are technological Luddites, they’ve likely digitized some

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