2023 Trends in AIOps, Observability, and ITOps

If you’re looking at the calendar and have concerns that your plans are not yet finalized, fear not. If your future involves AIOpsobservability, and digital transformation, ScienceLogic has taken the initiative. We’ve done the hard work to find the data, expert opinions, forecasts, and insights to help you step boldly into 2023 with a plan that matters.


According to ESC research as reported by TechTarget, nearly 30% of organizations plan to make significant investments in AIOps over the next 12 to 18 months, and more than 90% said they expect to spend as much or more on AI and machine learning in 2023 as they had in 2022. Adding more depth, nearly one third of those organizations indicated that new monitoring and observability tool investments would complement their investments in AIOps in that same period.

New and increased investments? But isn’t there talk of a recession and economic uncertainty? Yes, but that puts a premium on smart investments in technology. In fact, over at APMDigest one expert likened the headwinds of 2023 to the pandemic disruption of 2020 which resulted in a “7x increase in the pace of digital transformation.” Those were investments in competitive advantage and efficiency and are expected to be replicated next year for transformative technologies.

That is why we’ll likely see a similar acceleration in the adoption of AIOps even if a recession does materialize. Performance gains in areas like reliability, along with boosting the productivity and efficiency of IT ops staff were cited as reasons why AIOps makes sense, along with other factors like:

Faster MTTR & MTTD through data-driven

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