2023: 3 major cybersecurity predictions for the new year

While these trends might seem scary, there are easy ways to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your business.

The end of the year is traditionally a time of reflection. In many industries — including cybersecurity and online privacy — it’s also a time of prediction around the year to come. This year, Avast has three major predictions for 2023: Ransomware will become an increasingly serious problem, scams will continue to be a favorite method for cyber criminals, and cybercrime as a business will become even more sophisticated. 

Ransomware gets worse

Ransomware continued to be a profitable crime in 2022, as cybercriminals used phishing attacks and other social engineering techniques to gain access to the systems of both public and private organizations. From hospitals to big corporations to individuals, it seemed no one was safe.

“This year, we saw cybergangs threatening to publicly publish their targets’ data if a ransom isn’t paid, and we expect this trend to only grow in 2023,” says Michal Salat, Threat Intelligence Director at Avast. “This puts people’s personal memories at risk and poses a double risk for businesses. Both the loss of sensitive files, plus a data breach, can have severe consequences for their business and reputation.”

For 2023, Salat and his team expect to see a continued rise in this type of attack. 

Scamdemic 2022 becomes Scamdemic 2023

The 2022 “Scamdemic” saw everything from romance scams to Covid-19 scams to tech support scams and more proliferating as cybercriminals went after individuals worldwide. This

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