10 Application Security Best Practices To Follow In 2022

In recent years, the app development industry has experienced unprecedented growth. Mobile applications and web applications have become an integral part of our everyday lives, offering millions of options. Due to the growth of IoT, many manual processes have been automated.

However, the positive developments have led to several problems, particularly concerning security. Most companies and developers believe their applications are sufficiently secure. However, cyber miscreants are also on the prowl; they manage to find out methods to find flaws in application security and launch attacks! As a result, heightened application security testing becomes a critical feature in the entire software development life cycle.

Now, apart from testing to ensure flawless security, some best practices must also be adopted and followed religiously. Let us take a look at some of the basic yet most vital best practices to follow in 2022.

Choose the DevSecOps model

In DevSecOps or shift-left, the objective is to prevent security incidents as early as possible by identifying and fixing breaches as soon as they occur. Through DevSecOps tools, development teams can identify security vulnerabilities across the entire software supply chain. 

Manage SDLC in a secure manner

According to secure SDLC (software development life cycle management), the product life cycle is defined as product security. It ensures a few pertinent things –

A security-trained team develops and maintains it.Built according to strict security standardsSecurely delivered to customers

SDLC refers to a holistic approach to product development, from the inception of the idea, through development until the

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