1 year anniversary – A year in review

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Today marks the 1-year anniversary of Hunt & Hackett and what a year it has been! We started with a small team of eight security experts in the middle of the COVID-pandemic and a national lockdown. On the day we launched we were all sitting anxiously remotely behind our computers, as we announced ourselves to the world through (social) media and checking the online responses. We have to sometimes pinch ourselves that this was only a year ago.

We are living in the age of ransomware, where organizations are – on a daily basis – extorted for millions of euros at a time. Yet, as a society we fail to form an adequate response to the issue. Ransomware has become normalized. Organizations are, generally speaking, left to their own device to protect themselves against this constantly developing threat and have to deal with it themselves when it happens. As the ransomware attacks kept advancing in sophistication, the criminals have increasingly started

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